Privacy Policy

Respected customer,

This Privacy Statement (hereinafter referred to as the "Policy") addresses the most frequently asked questions about how we collect, use, and store information about you when you visit (hereinafter referred to as the "Website") or make a purchase on the Website. Because this information is critical to you, we recommend that you carefully read this Policy prior to using the Website.

This Policy is subject to change at any time. The most current version of this Policy is always available on the Website.

1. Who is responsible for the management of your personal information?

AdTractive Media OÜ
Keemia tn 4, Tallinn, 10616, Estonia
Registry number: 16375601
VAT: EE102440791

Adlibris Media
Vilniaus st. 18-5, Vilnius Lithuania

2. Which information and why we collect about you?
Why are you collecting information on me?
Which information about me do you collect?
Why are you collecting information on me?
How long do you retain my information?
1. To carry out the selections of potential employees
Full name, e-mail, phone number, CV, work experience, other information you provide us with
We enter into and perform a contract with you (as defined in Article 6 (1) (b) of the General Data Protection Regulation - GDPR).
6 months after the end of the relevant recruitment process

5 years after you give us your consent or publicly disclose your information on professional social media platforms
2.1. To maintain the security of our website and to make it more useful to you – regardless of where you visit our website
Your IP address or other device address or ID, web browser and/or device type, hardware and software settings and configurations, the web pages or sites you visit immediately before or immediately after visiting the Site, the pages you view on the Site, your actions on the Site, and the dates and times on which you visit, access, or use the Services. When you access the Site via a mobile device, we may also collect your device's physical location via satellite, cell phone tower, or wireless local area network signals.
We have a legitimate interest (in ensuring the security of our website) (see GDPR Article 6 (1) (f)).
One month following your visit to our website
2.2. To respond to inquiries, requests, and complaints made by you – in the event that you make one
Your first and last names, your email address, the subject of your inquiry, the date of your inquiry, the content of your inquiry, any attachments to your inquiry, and your response to your inquiry.
We have a legitimate interest (in ensuring the security of our website) (see GDPR Article 6 (1) (f)).
One month following your visit to our website
3. What information you are required to provide to us and why

Refer to Section 2 above - you must provide us with the information necessary to process your requests submitted through the Website, as well as to handle your inquiries, requests, and claims. Without this information, we will be unable to sell our products to you or provide you with other benefits associated with being a user.

4. How do we use your information?

Your information is used for the purposes set forth in Section 2 above. These are the primary purposes for which we use your personal information:

(a) We use your information to process your purchase request and deliver your ordered products; 

(b) We may use your information to send you marketing and promotional materials for similar products to those for which you have already placed an order with us; 

(c) We may contact you from time to time to inform you about discounts, special deals, or offers, or to provide general information;

5. When and why we may contact you

We may use your contact information (telephone number and/or email address) to confirm any details about your request. By accepting this Privacy Statement, you agree that we may contact you at the email or phone number provided.

6. Disclaimer of personal information

6.1. For the purposes specified in Section 2 of this Policy and as permitted by law, we may share your personal information with the following parties: 

(a)  when required, courts, law enforcement, and other state institutions

(b) attorneys, attorney's assistants, notaries, bailiffs, auditors, consultants, information technology service providers, and electronic copier manufacturers.

(d) third-party partners to verify your identity in connection with your use of certain aspects of the Website; 

(e) company personnel to answer your requests, 

(f) analytic tool service providers (such as Google Analytics).

7. Your rights

The GDPR and other applicable laws confer upon you certain rights, procedures for exercising them, and exceptions to these rights. When permitted by law, you have the following options:

(a) Submit a request for confirmation that the Company is processing your personal data. If the Company processes your personal data, you may request access to the processed data and associated information.

(b) Submit a request to correct or supplement any inaccuracies or errors in the information used;

(c) Submit a request to have your personal information deleted if we are using it improperly;

(d) Submit a request to restrict the processing of your information – if you contest the accuracy of the data or object to its processing, if you disagree with the deletion of data that was processed illegally, or if you require the data to assert, execute, or defend legal claims;

(e) Object to our Company collecting, using, and storing your information – when we process data for our legal and/or third-party interests;

(f) Submit a request to transfer (receive) data that you provided to us as a result of a contract or consent and that we process using automated means, most commonly electronic means;

(g) To revoke any consents you have given us regarding the use of information about you - when we use the data with your consent;

h) To file a complaint with the appropriate supervisory authority and seek a judicial remedy.

8. Cookies

When you browse websites, your browser saves small text files to your device (e.g. computer, mobile phone, or tablet). Other technologies, such as the data we store on your web browser or device, device identifiers, and other software, are used in a similar manner. They are widely used to ensure that websites function properly or operate more efficiently. All of these technologies are referred to collectively as cookies in this policy.

Our website utilizes the following cookies:

Cookie Name
Cookie Description
Cookie Expiry
Strictly Necessary & Statistics Cookies
This cookie is used to identify unique users by associating them with a randomly generated number. It is included in each page request on a site and is used to calculate visitor, session, and campaign data for the analytics reports on the site.
2 years
This cookie is used by Google Analytics to control the rate at which requests are made.
1 day
This cookie is used to count and track page views. It stores and updates a unique value for each page visited.
1 day
This cookie is used to aid in the prevention of Cross-Site Request Forgery attacks on the site.
During your session only
This cookie is used to aid in the prevention of Cross-Site Request Forgery attacks on the site.
1 day
This cookie is used to encrypt and store visitor data - this is required to ensure the user's data is secure.
1 year
This is used to store data about your most recent visit with us. This cookie is required for the site to function properly.
While visiting the website only
This cookie is used to monitor for spam and to enhance the website's security. Does not store information about individual visitors.
2 years
This cookie is used to determine whether the visitor has previously visited the website or is a new visitor.
While visiting the website only
Each visitor is assigned a unique ID - This enables the website to determine the number of specific user visits for analysis and statistics purposes.
While visiting the website only
Marketing Cookies
Google AdWords uses this cookie to re-engage visitors who are likely to convert to customers based on their online behavior across multiple websites.
While visiting the website only
This cookie is used to determine the marketing effectiveness of a website. The cookie is used to track the conversion rate of website marketing campaigns to telephone responses.
While visiting the website only
Targeting Cookies
This cookie is part of Google Analytics and is used to limit requests (throttle request rate).
1 minute
9. Managing cookies

You can configure your browser to reject some or all cookies or to prompt you for authorization before accepting them. Please keep in mind that if you delete cookies or disable future cookies, you may lose access to certain areas or features of our website. Visit or for information on how to adjust or change your browser settings.

For information on third-party cookies, their policies, and control options, please consult the third-cookie party's policies.

10. Modifications to this privacy policy

We reserve the right to make changes to this privacy statement at any time, so please check it frequently. Changes and clarifications to the website will take effect immediately upon their publication. If we make significant changes to this policy, we will notify you here so that you are aware of the types of information we collect, how we use it, and under what circumstances, if any, we use and/or disclose it. If our store is acquired or merged with another business, we may transfer your information to the new owners in order to continue selling products to you.

11. Questions and contact details

If you have any questions, inquiries, requests, or complaints about our use of your personal information, please email