Performance Creative Specialist

Adtractive is an experienced team of professionals specializing in e-commerce driven by digital performance marketing. We offer top-tier infrastructure solutions for our specialists and attract leading talents in the field, fostering a unique and inspiring environment. We research and test new solutions as we work on our premier projects, all while balancing our time to learn and take proper rest in between.

Our headquarters are located in the most modern office at Vilniaus g. 18. We tend to stay niche and low profile as a company, so very little is visible from the outside; therefore, what you find might highly surprise you. Let’s have a talk!

Get ready to

  • Prepare to take charge of products creative strategy, together with our Graphic Designers and Media Buyers.
  • Be ready to oversee ad design execution, leveraging your expertise to optimize results and exceed goals. 
  • Embrace data-driven decision making: Get prepared to utilize data analytics and insights to inform creative strategies, ensuring campaigns are not only visually compelling but also highly effective in achieving desired outcomes.
  • Stay ahead of trends: Stay updated on the latest trends and technologies in performance marketing, anticipating shifts in consumer behavior and adapting strategies accordingly to maintain a competitive edge.

We expect you to

  • Provide performance insights: We anticipate you to inspire Designers, setting a high standard of creativity, professionalism, and accountability.
  • Deliver exceptional results: We expect you to consistently meet or exceed performance targets, demonstrating your ability to translate creative power into tangible business outcomes.
  • Guide Designers with refined briefs of creative ideas.
  • Endorse a culture of collaboration: We look forward to you cultivating a collaborative work environment where ideas are freely exchanged, and team members are empowered to contribute their expertise to collective success.
  • Demonstrate strategic thinking: We anticipate you to approach challenges with a strategic mindset, identifying opportunities for innovation and optimization to drive continuous improvement in our performance marketing efforts.
  • Align Creative Goals with Media Buying targets

What we offer

  • An opportunity to be a key player and to own and shape a critical aspect of our business
  • Enjoy a generous monthly budget to expand your skills and knowledge. We invest in the development of our people and make sure you’re always at the top of your field
  • Need a lift? We offer you a 100 EUR monthly BOLT budget for effortless commuting
  • Our modern office, located in the heart of Vilnius city center, is designed to boost creativity and comfort
  • We understand the importance of work-life balance and offer the flexibility to choose where and when you’re most productive
  • We provide a clear path for career progression, recognizing and rewarding your hard work and achievements
  • Join a team of talented, friendly, and passionate professionals
  • Enjoy team trips, workations and other fun activities
  • Gross monthly salary starts from €3500. It may vary depending on your skills and experience

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